Assassin’s Creed 3 Limited Edition

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here, but I’m sure you are only here to read about what I have to present. I lined up at EB Games for the midnight release of Assassin’s Creed 3, and got some free goodies while I waited. (^o^)/ At first, I didn’t know whether I should get the limited edition or not, but my consciousness told me what I wanted most. Well, without further ado, here’s my review on the Assassin’s Creed 3 Limited Edition.

I bought the limited edition for $119.99, and I have to say, the box art is really nice and presentable. I think the box art is one of the most important aspects that collectors find appealing. The art box also notes that only on PS3 that I get 4 exclusive missions, so XBOX 360 gamers won’t be able to get these missions at the moment.

The limited edition comes with a 9-inch tall Connor statue, a 28″ x 48″ America flag with the Assassin’s Crest on it, an Assassin’s crest belt buckle, and George Washington’s book that contains art, and stories (probably not) written by the man himself.

The biggest reason why I bought the limited edition is because the Connor statue is really well done. The details on his clothes, the face of the figure, and the flag behind him is all really detailed. There aren’t any awkward poses that I notice on the figure, and I think that’s one of the more important things about collecting figures is knowing how and which angle it should be posed.

The American flag is really big, which is nice to hang up on your wall to show your allegiance to the Assassins!

HOLY MOTHER OF- I just found out while writing up my review that the hidden blade can extend! It was wrapped with a rubber band and I can turn the hidden blade to make it extend! Well, this Connor statue just got a lot more awesome.

Is this limited edition worth the $120? Well, since the game is $60, the rest of the goodies would be another $60. The flag is really nice to hang up on your wall, the statue is a nice addition to figure collectors, the belt buckle is nice to wear daily for hardcore Assassin’s Creed fans, and the art book is just something that you would put away back in the box. Yeah, I think it’s really worth it.

I rate the Connor statue a whopping 10/10 because the statue is simply flawless with no awkward stances that I can see, and the hidden blade is extendable.

And there you have it, my review on the Assassin’s Creed 3 Limited Edition. The Connor statue will be proudly placed on the shelf display in my room as I am slicing and dicing away at enemies! Stay tuned for more reviews coming up, thanks for reading!


Finished University At Last!

Well, I just wrote my last final exam in the semester, and now I just have to wait until June to graduate from University with my Bachelor of Arts in Criminology! \(^o^)/ Man, it’s been four straight years of hard work and dedication, and now I’m finally done…

The biggest thing I missed out on though was the video games that I bought this year, as I have neglected them because I was too wrapped up in studying. Well, I can truly start playing video games without worry now!

Also, I watched my favourite hockey team play today, the New Jersey Devils. They crushed the Florida Panthers 4-0, and Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur played magnificent to get the shutout! Devils tied the playoff series at 2-2. So, as part of celebration of tonight’s victory, I post this picture of Luka Megurine hoisting the Stanley Cup while Mio Akiyama waits for her turn. xD

On another note, this weekend I’m going to Vancouver to a video game/anime/comic convention called Fan Expo Vancouver! It’s the first year that it will be held in Vancouver, as the previous ones were held in Toronto, Ontario. I’m so excited, and I’ll be sure to update you on that event! Please stay tuned for my next blog post! 😀

Happy 33rd Anniversary, Gundam!

April 7th, 1979 marks the start of a new era and the creation of Gundam! It’s been 33 years of mind blowing, action-packed robot action, and I have to say I still can’t get enough of it! Happy 33rd Anniversary, Gundam! \(^o^)/ Thank you for all these years of giving us exciting entertainment!

(Shown above: the life-sized Gundam built in Japan a few years ago to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Gundam.)

What was your favourite series? My favourites would have to be Mobile Suit Gundam (the original), Gundam Wing, and Gundam Seed (in that order)!

Thanks for reading (although this is a relatively short post)! Please stay tuned for the next blog/review coming soon (in probably two weeks because my semester will be finished by that time)!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation

Today is what we all have been waiting for: a massive multiplayer online Gundam game!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’ve been waiting for this game to be released for many, many years when I saw screenshots on a gaming magazine a long, long time ago!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation will have a closed beta testing for the first 10,000 users on the PlayStation 3 between March 29th at 23:59 to March 31st at 14:00 (Japan Time)! All you have to do is make a Japanese PlayStation account, and download it from the PlayStation Store (FOR FREE)!

The game features 6 vs. 6 Gundam battles, and you can fight on the ground (as a soldier), in a Gundam, or in vehicles! I’m so excited!! \(^o^)/

The game is set to be released in June 2012 in Japan!

Here’s some screenshots of the Gundam website about this game!

Here’s a YouTube video of Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation!

There’s no time to waste, there is only 3 days that the closed beta is running, so I hope to see you on-line! \(^o^)/

Bring More Japanese Video Games!

You know, I’ve been thinking…Throughout the years of playing video games and being a huge fan of Japanese role-playing games, I have always wanted to see more Japanese games be released worldwide. It would not only make it easier to create a bigger fan base of Japanese games but it would take Japan to a bigger level of success in the video game industry.

Partly the reason why Japanese game developers are not sold on bringing their piece of work to other countries is because it is very expensive, not to mention the cost-benefit factor. Thus why I came up with a partial solution: simply get language translators to translate the text within the game instead of having to use translated voice actors (which happen to cost a lot of money) and leave the voice acting in Japanese. Although, this approach would only work with games such as the Yakuza series and some others. But this approach is still acceptable to JRPG fans like me at least!

(Above): Valkyria Chronicles III (PSP). Man, I hope they will release this game here!! TTATT;; I heard that they won’t be releasing it globally… 😦 Hopefully, the Gallian Liberation Front (Facebook fan page rallying to support the release) can influence them!!

(Above): The Idolm@ster 2 (PS3) is a music rhythm game based off the hit anime Idolm@ster.

(Above): Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd (PS3) is a music rhythm game based off the widely popular Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid. Could Hatsune Miku be make its first appearance in a video game worldwide? It’s success in Japan is unparalleled so I’m thinking yes!

(Above): Love Application (PS3) is what seems to be a Dating Simulation game.

Just recently, I made a Japanese PlayStation Network account and took a look through some of the video games in the Japanese PlayStation Store, and I see a huge potential of success for Japanese video game developers.

What do you guys and gals think? Do you have any alternative solutions to bring more Japanese video games to your parts of the world? I’d like to know others’ comments about this, and that I’m not the only one thinking about this! xD


On a separate note, I’ve been buying a lot of video games lately but I haven’t had much time to play them…Final Fantasy XIII-2, Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, Hyperdimension Neptunia mk 2, and Tales of Graces f…Ugh, I need to wait until this semester is finished, and then I can indulge myself in anime and video games!

Well, until next time! Hopefully soon I can do a review on the games that I just bought…

PlayStation Vita Review

(UPDATED: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012)

Hey everyone, sorry about the delay about my promise to review the PlayStation Vita on February 15th, but I was having too much fun playing around with it. xD I’m very excited to show off the many things that the PS Vita is capable of, and I’m hoping that you will be convinced to buy one as well!

Above: Camera is located on the top-right corner.

Above: Lock screen, all you have to do is tear the page downwards from the top-right corner of the screen.

Above: camera is located above the rear touchpad, and grips on each side of the back of the PS Vita.

Above: Although this is relatively small, what’s great about the PS Vita is that you can change the background of each page of apps, and you can rearrange the apps to your liking as well!


USB cable, AC adaptor, AC power cord, and manuals (memory card not included unless you bought a bundle).


+ Great quality graphics

+ Dual analogs are very responsive

+ Front and rear camera plus video recording

+ Touchscreen

+ Rear touchpad

+ Six-axis controls

+ Nice slick design

+ Photos and pictures, music, videos,

+ PlayStation Store readily available (with Wi-Fi, of course)

+ Content Manager Assistant app to transfer music, videos, photos and apps to and from PS Vita (PC and Mac compatible)

+ Able to use PlayStation account with Vita (compare trophies with friends, receive trophies from Vita games, message friends, etc.)

+ Remote play (able to play games from the PlayStation 3 on the Vita)


– Limited selection of games, but will improve after the release date

– Bulky and not so travel friendly, but it grows on you after time

– Having to buy more memory cards if you buy too many downloadable games from the PlayStation Store

Bottom Line:

I’m loving the time that I’m spending playing around with my PlayStation Vita, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. The PS Vita, although is starting slow, will soon to improve itself after the launch date, similar to the PlayStation 3’s debut.

Helpful Tip:

– When you buy downloadable games, it’s recommended that you get a bigger memory card (Selections of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB). If you buy the physical copy, then you don’t have to worry about buying a bigger memory card since it just uses it for save data.

– Although some games do not appear on the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita, you can buy games from the PlayStation Store from your PS3 and transfer it to your PS Vita. I heard that some games do not work, so please verify that with other sources before you go out buying more games trying to put them into your PS Vita. xD

Some (Potentially) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can the PS Vita play PSP games?

A: It can’t play UMD (the physical copy of the PSP game), but you can buy most PSP games that are available on the PlayStation Store.

Q: Aww man! The game I wanted to download on the PlayStation Store isn’t available on the PlayStation Store on my Vita! Will they release more PSP game?!

A: Right now, PlayStation is focusing more on bringing more Vita games before bringing back more PSP games.

Q: What can the PS Vita play from the PlayStation Store?

A: Most PSP games, all Vita games, and most Minis. Other than that, there are movies, and many TV and anime episodes that you can buy.

Q: Oh noooo!!!! I played my game offline and received a trophy, can I still get it when I log on?

A: Yes, when you go into trophies, it will sync your trophies with your PlayStation account. 🙂

Q: There aren’t that many games out right now, what would you suggest?

A: If you’d like to fully utilize the Vita to get the full experience, I would suggest a game like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Super Stardust Delta, or Wipeout 2048.

Q: What’s the advantage of buying downloadable games? Having the physical copy saves space on the memory card and money from having to buy more memory cards!

A: While that is true, the advantage of buying downloadable games is that you can re-download them at any time if you want to save space, and it is more convenient to have more games in your memory card than having to carry around your games with you. Plus you won’t lose them! 🙂

Q: Is remote play capable of playing every PS3 title to date?

A: Yes, I just found that out through an IGN post just recently! I haven’t tried it out myself, but hopefully I can play my PS3 games on my PS Vita because that would be AWESOME!! \(^o^)/


If you have any questions, you can either post them on here, or send me an e-mail to

That wraps up my PlayStation Vita review, and stay tuned for upcoming reviews on anime figures, video games, and much more!

Elsie Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

Hey everyone, I figured that I should do a figure review on my newest addition to my anime figure collection: Elsie from The World God Only Knows (TWGOK)! As you can see from the title, it’s the Nendoroid version of Elsie by Good Smile Company. I bought this piece of work for $69.99 from an anime store in Vancouver, which is decently priced but well worth it because it’s my very first figure from The World God Only Knows, one of my favourite anime/manga of all time! Well, without further ado, here’s the pictures!

Sorry about the sideways picture, for some reason I couldn’t save it upwards. :/ This is the front of the box as you can see, it’s quite presentable! Like every other figure box. xD

Back side of the box (above) showing the many poses of Elsie!

As you can see above, the accessories are her broomstick, and her jar for catching runaway spirits. It comes with a spare set of legs, wailing arms, running feet, and three different faces! And the stand as well. 🙂

Once again, sorry for the sideways picture… x.x; I couldn’t get the picture to save upwards. :/

The detailing on Elsie are great quality! There aren’t any scratches or any awkwardness in colouring. She’s so kawaii!! x3 ❤

Run, Elsie, don’t join the dark side!! Dx

I also noticed that Good Smile Company changed the style of the stand, it certainly looks safer than the other stands I have! Although it looks kind of awkward the way it stands far back. Oh well, at least it’ll hold my Nendoroid up! (I just figured how to change the lighting on my camera so no more yellowish pictures, hooray!!)

The detail on the accessories are quite good too! Except that stand is pretty awkwardly long…

None of the angles look awkward at all, so they got Elsie’s proportions precise! Heh heh, proportions… xD;

Bottom line: I love this figure a lot! \(^o^)/ There aren’t any noticeable flaws in the figure, so overall I give it a perfect 10/10! I can tell you that I certainly don’t regret getting this figure, and you should get one if you are a big fan of TWGOK series too!

Pros: Plenty of accessories and many different faces, and great quality detailing on Elsie!

Cons: None at all! Except for the fact that the stand looks a bit awkward, but really who cares?!

And there you have it!, Elsie from The World God Only Knows (Nendoroid ver.)! Hope you enjoyed the review!

Please stay tuned as this Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 I will review the PlayStation Vita when it’s due on early release!